Maintenance Man

by Lightning Pill

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This album is one of the many albums I managed to cobble together successfully. :-)

Have you ever had those moment where you wish someone's song just spoke to you? But because you don't hear any songs having to do with your life, you decided to take the reins and write it yourself? This is what led to me wanting to do music: Maintenance Man is a collection of songs that I needed, and thus, had to create on my lonesome. With any hope, most of you who need a song to go on would enjoy it.

The origin of the album starts like this: one day while I was sitting in a room I used to occupy, I thought to myself as to why you can't be a superhero for trying to save yourself. Why can't a superhero be that for trying to maintain his sanity, his poise, everything he is? So, the name I came up for the superhero is called Maintenance Man. I know you are thinking that this may be a concept album, hmm? That was the original plan, but that devolved into a collection of songs featuring me trying to stay afloat spiritually, mentally, emotionally, really in all possible states.

As a way to cope with all the crazy stuff in my life from living with a drunken loser for fairly three years to having a backache for a few days, I channeled all the stress into songs.

I used keyboard, laptop, guitar and vocals to create it, although, I would seriously say that I'm not as invested in playing the guitar as I used to be. So, you'll hear less of that in the future.

All words aside, I hope you enjoy the album, I hope it helps you, I hope it fuels your need to talk shit, both good and bad. Stay tuned, as there is more to come. :-)


released October 14, 2014

Everything - Lightning Pill aka Chris B.



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


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Track Name: Dojo at the Center of the World
Sometimes, I feel pretty worthwhile
Sometimes, I feel like I'm exiled
And on those days, I have me a place
My own Atlantis
My home, my shell
a universe of my making

I'm going home today
You know my address if you need me
I'm going home today

Most moments, I go it alone fine
Sometimes, my solitude turns into a waste of precious time
So, I overstock my loneliness with things I thought I had to do
And that list included you
I doubt that you will last a day
In this universe I have made
Sometimes, the fire is what substitutes the rain
And there's always some kind of war in place
Track Name: How to Beat Anxiety
Ain't nothing to it
But to just do it
Ain't nothing to it

I found my weapon
My tongue, it's power
I found my strength
I've been choking upon it all along
Just when I thought I found no way
To break this wall they've built for me
I found the fuel to help me on
Track Name: Unlikely Therapy
The architecture, the sweeping of the brushstrokes
Upon the ceiling, the paint is peeling
While I am sinking into the bed
Immobile, I'm locked in a cage
Trying to lose any rage I have stored inside me
To the beauty in small things
Track Name: Old Boy
Old boy, you're getting older
Sleep tight, young rock n roller
There's a bellow on your tongue
A wind at your spine
What brought this on
Your only guess as good as mine
And just as correct

Old boy, you're growing somber
You can't take the pain any longer
There's a rage at your back
A puzzle of your mental
is mostly apart on the floor
What brought this on
My only guess as good as yours
And just as correct
Track Name: The Road Less Traveled
Tell me what should I do?
Should I turn around
Or just walk on through
It's easy to walk on the wrong side of the crossroads
Or is what is wrong really right all along
Should I keep going on the road less traveled
Assumin you're waiting for me
Tell me what should I do?
I don't think I have a mile left to pursue
I'll keep my mind healthy
And I'll keep my legs strong
Would you say that my heart
Was as tough all along?
Should I carry on?
Should I keep going on the road less traveled
Assuming you're waiting for me
I'll keep walkig this road less traveled
I hope you'll be waiting for me