The Performance Anxiety Tape EP

by Lightning Pill

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So, about this digital 7":

This is what is possibly the rest of the songs I had written during the moment of getting over my performance anxiety. While writing what would come to be Awkward Stage, I was very uncomfortable with how "boyish", "soft" my voice was. I sounded just as young as I was, but I had hoped for a much scuffier, manlier voice. Like how Laura Jane Grace was back when he was Tom Gabel.

These two tracks were songs I had deleted because I had originally thought they were terrible due to me supposedly singing underneath the music. Trust when I say that I really used my baritone voice, and was very afraid to sing a little loudly, but thank goodness, Garageband had confirm it to be wrong.

Now, a part of my campaign while making music was to always be upfront about my musical past. Most people when they slowly come up, the first thing they would do is get rid if the evidence of any of their musical pasts. Embarassing bars, cracked vocals, everything. But as a person who enjoys lo-fi songs from time to time, I find it interesting to listen to how people must have changed from when they first started right towards what they are doing now. It's boring to simply only listen to how they are awesome now, and not wonder what they had to make and what they had to go through in order to be what they are now.

And so, I share with you The (Performance) Anxiety Tape! I hope this either helps you, inspires you to keep it going, keeps you occupied, whatever it may do, I just hope that you appreciate this little glimpse through my past.

And so you know, yes, this was created when I was using Sound Recorder.

See ya! For more music, check out my Cincuenta mixtape! 50 songs in 50 weeks.


released January 10, 2017

Produced, mastered, written, arranged, sung, all of it by...take a wild guess.




Lightning Pill Boston

Lightning Pill: turning the playful into something serious since 1988. Various genres will be covered on this site, so hopefully, you are into surprises!


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